Pilot wrap-up

Dear all,

Libre Graphics Club (pilot) as conceived by Sam, Simone, Truus and Lara is now over and we’d like to express gratitude and say thanks to all who participated in our workshops since April.

We’d like to thank @GIMP_Official @inkscape & @scribus communities for making and continuously developing great tools.

Big hugs and thanks to our partners: @furtherfield @TheCommonHaus @antiuniversity & @AccessSpace for all the love and support.

And special thanks to @ace_national & @ace__london for funding this joyful effort!

We hope to resume the activities sometimes in the future and till then please explore this website for documentation of all the work we’ve collectively done. Please note, archive is still in the making, so you may experience some glitches and hiccups – bear with us while we’re polishing all up.