Working title

Little school of Libre Graphics | Libre Graphics summer school | Libre Graphics Club Pilot

A week-long example

A 5 day long programme, depending on interest, resources, budget. Please note all details are negotiable. All workshops and the programme deliverable online via Jitsi video platform .


This programme serves as an introduction to Libre Graphics, industry standard Free software for a wide range of visual communication disciplines such as graphic design, illustration and animation. We will look at both software skills and graphic design basics in the context of software e.g. how to handle colour, type, layout and image in Gimp, Inkscape and Scribus. The programme aims to encourage creativity and curiosity through the study of digital tools within a stimulating, secure and well managed learning environment.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this programme students will be able to:


Sketchbook, computer, webcam, internet connection.

Install party >> installing Inkscape, Gimp and Scribus on your computer




  • Interface

  • Tools

  • Layers

  • Alignment

  • Interface

  • Tools

  • Layers

  • Colour management

  • Interface

  • Tools

  • Page setup

  • Image

  • Text

Inkscape is a professional vector graphics editor for Linux, Windows and macOS. It's free and open source. Whether you are an illustrator, designer, web designer or just someone who needs to create some vector imagery, Inkscape is for you!


Whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, GIMP provides the tools needed for high quality image manipulation. From retouching to restoring to creative composites, the only limit is your imagination.

Since its humble beginning in the spring of 2001, Scribus has evolved into one of the premier Open Source desktop applications. With Scribus you make books, booklets and a wide range of publications.

Libre Graphics software and Basic Elements and Principles of Graphic Design

All software skills are developed by experimentation with and exploration of graphic design elements such as:

  • Colour

    • Colour wheel: Primary, secondary, tertiary

    • Complementary

    • Warm/cool

    • Tints&shades

    • Interaction of colours

  • Image

    • Image type (vector+bitmap)

    • Photograph

    • Info graphics

    • Drawing from observation and for illustration

    • Collage and remix

  • Type

    • Typeface classifications & Font families

    • Anatomy

    • Paragraph formatting: Justification, Kerning, and Spacing

    • Experimental typography

  • Layout

    • Composition

      • Grid

      • Focal point

      • Space division (+symmetry&asymmetry)

      • Empty space

      • Repetition

      • Positioning

      • Scale, contrast, and harmony

  • Motion

    • Image sequences

    • Flip books

    • Rotoscopes

    • Gif animations

Tutor short bio

Larisa Blazic is a East London based digital artisan, educator and feminist hacker with practice ranging from to Free/Libre/Open Source Software art and design. Over the last 20 years she explored a range of emerging technologies and their impact on online publishing, moving image in public space, collective creativity and participation. Larisa taught nearly 15 years at BA Graphic Communication Design at the University of Westminster and at the moment works part-time at London College of Fashion (University of Arts London – UAL) as a lecturer in Creative Communication.