Libre Graphics Club #2

Task 2

LGC workshop screenshot GIMP Interface

LGC workshop screenshot Task 2

LGC workshop screenshot Open images Sam prepared for you. Download the files from here.

LGC workshop screenshot We start by creating a new file (File>New or ctrl+N), then adding a new layer (Layer>New layer or via the interface by clicking on a new layer icon at the bottom-right end. Name the layer in a way that can remind you of content and chose transparent background colour (Fill with; last drop down menu on the pop-up panel).

LGC workshop screenshot Copy/paste images to new file. Select all (press ctrl+a), then press ctrl+c on your keyboard & move to the new file and then press ctrl+p. Another way to do this is to go to main menu and chose Select>Select all, then right click on the image select Edit>Copy, then move to the new file, right click and chose Edit>Paste. Please remember to check layers and see if you need to add layer for all pasted elements.

LGC workshop screenshot Paste logo, move, rescale if needed.

LGC workshop screenshot Then check if image and logo are in the place where it works for the size of the document. If you need to move it around or resize it, chose move or scale tools form the toolbox. The next thing to do is to insert text into the image. Go to task document, select the text and copy parts that you need.

LGC workshop screenshot To insert text in Gimp you need to add a new layer first.

LGC workshop screenshot Select layer you intended for text, select Text tool (‘A’ icon in the toolbox) and paste the text you copied from the office document.

LGC workshop screenshot Fine tuning the text to insure good colour contrast and readability > the text box allows to change type, colour, size and style of the font.

LGC workshop screenshot Text colour testing.

LGC workshop screenshot Add remaining text doe the document > repeat copy/paste, add layer, chose Type tool click on the image to activate the tool and then paste the text.

LGC workshop screenshot Edit and align the text. This can be done in a number of ways, either by using move tool, dragging the text boxes till you’re happy with the position, or by using guides (click on the rulers on the left and tom of the image and drag the guide to where you’d like the text to start/finish) or use align too which is in the same place as move tool. It is activated by clicking on a small triangle on the bottom right of the move tool icon.

LGC workshop screenshot Check all and prepare for print or screen. Go to Image>Image size, check resolution and size. 300dpi is suitable for print, 72dpi is suitable for screen based images.

LGC workshop screenshot Et voila! You’ve made a little flyer for a call to join a community.