Libre Graphics Club #1

Artists' Union poster with Gimp

Interface Gimp interface

GIMP Finished poster in GIMP

Libre Graphics workshop Once we open an image we want to work with (jpeg, gif, png are bitmaps, but Gimp can also open pdfs and svgs), we go to filters. In this case we’ll use G’MIC package

GIMP Explore many, many options in G’MIC. For this poster we chose: Patterns > Op Art

LGC workshop screengrab Feel free to experiment with editable parameters – right of Preview window.

LGC workshop screengrab When we apply the chosen filter, we chose select by colour from the main toolbox on the top left corner (hover with your cursor over icons to learn which is which). After we click on any of the black dots, we copy and paste them to a new (transparent) layer.

LGC workshop screengrab Add another transparent layer below the one with dotted pattern and fill it using bucket fill toll. Make sure you check/chnage foreground colour by clicking on the little foreground/background colour squares just bellow main toolbox on the left side.

LGC workshop screengrab Next step is to go to Artists’ Union page we selected for remix. We will again use select by colour tool from the toolbox on the top-left – it is 4th icon in this screenshot, but it may be in slightly different place in your toolbox – depending whether you’re on a Linux, Mac or a windows computer.

LGC workshop screengrab After we selected & copied (left click>copy, or ctrl+c) the text from the Artists’ Union image, we move to document with red-dotted pattern background image. To paste this new element we’ll need to add new transparent layer and then paste, either paste the element and then add layer, or anchor the layer to the pasted content > look at the very bottom-right for layer icons which will enable you to do this.

LGC workshop screengrab Finally, we’re ready to insert white circle to help readability of the text. This we do by using ellipsis selection tool. Again, add a new transparent layer, click on ellipsis selection tool and drag across the page to make the circle. When you’re happy with size and shape of your circle, use move tool (first on the top right of your toolbox) and position to help visibility of the title text.

LGC workshop screengrab Here we are, poster done! All you need to do now is to save it and/or export it for print or web. Please remember resolution for print is 300dpi and for web 72dpi – check our slides as a reminder of basics.